The input object that defines the fields for the updatePurchaseOrderItem mutation.

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  • input UpdatePurchaseOrderItemMutationInput {
  • # The quantity of a vendor item on a purchase order.
  • units: Int
  • # The price of the vendor item at the time the purchase order was created.
  • price: Int
  • # The current status of a purchase order item.
  • status: PurchaseOrderItemStatus
  • # The ID of a tax that should be applied to this purchase order item, overriding
  • # the vendor`s default tax.
  • tax_id: Int64Bit
  • # A note about this entity.
  • note: NoteMutationInput
  • # Setting this value to `true` will set `tax_id` to null.
  • unset_tax_id: Boolean
  • }

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