This is a reference guide to the Sonar GraphQL API. You can learn more about GraphQL or read the guide in our knowledge base to learn more.

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • input CreateInventoryModelFieldMutationInput {
  • # The ID of an `InventoryModel`.
  • inventory_model_id: Int64Bit!
  • # A descriptive name.
  • name: String!
  • # Types that inventory model fields can be set to.
  • type: InventoryModelFieldType!
  • # Whether or not this field is required.
  • required: Boolean!
  • # Whether or not the field contents must be unique.
  • unique: Uniqueness!
  • # A PCRE regular expression. Omit the leading and closing /.
  • regexp: String
  • # A single inventory model field can be set to be the primary field. This will be
  • # used as the primary identifier for items of this model throughout Sonar.
  • primary: Boolean!
  • # A note about this entity.
  • note: NoteMutationInput
  • }

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