Allows you to search for objects with specific combinations of values. All fields submitted within this Search object are treated as an AND. Each outer Search object is treated as an OR in relation to each other.

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  • input Search {
  • # Search where a string field partially matches a value, or where a string field
  • # does not partially match a value.
  • string_fields: [SearchStringField]
  • # Search against an integer field using a range operator.
  • integer_fields: [SearchIntegerField]
  • # Search against a float using a range operator.
  • float_fields: [SearchFloatField]
  • # Search against an ISO8601 date/timestamp using a range operator.
  • datetime_fields: [SearchDatetimeField]
  • # Search against a date using a range operator.
  • date_fields: [SearchDateField]
  • # Search for IP addresses that fit into a subnet, or IP addresses that do not fit
  • # into a subnet.
  • ip_address_fields: [SearchIpAddressField]
  • # Search for a specific boolean (`true` or `false`.)
  • boolean_fields: [SearchBooleanField]
  • # A minimum of 3 vertices to make up a polygon. This will search for all objects
  • # where their geopoint field fall within the polygon. Can only be used if the
  • # object has a `geopoint` field on it.
  • geopoint_fields: [SearchGeopointVertex]
  • # Return only items where the fields listed here have a `null` value.
  • unset_fields: [String]
  • # Return only items where the fields listed here are not equal to `null` or `[]`.
  • exists: [String]
  • # Reverse relation filters allow you to filter the result of a relation, and use
  • # that filter to affect the returned root elements.
  • reverse_relation_filters: [ReverseRelationFilter]
  • }

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