The input object that defines the fields for the updateAccountService mutation.

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  • input UpdateAccountServiceMutationInput {
  • # The quantity for this service.
  • quantity: Int
  • # The amount that this service price has been overridden to. If this is null, then
  • # the service price is used.
  • price_override: Int
  • # The reason that the price of a service has been overridden.
  • price_override_reason: String
  • # Overriding the service name will alter the service name printed on an invoice.
  • name_override: String
  • # The next date this service will bill. If this is null, it will bill on the next
  • # account billing date.
  • next_bill_date: Date
  • # Service metadata allows you to store individualized information about a service,
  • # as it relates to a specific account. For example, on a domain renewal service,
  • # you could store the domain name as metadata.
  • service_metadata: [AccountServiceMetadataMutationInput]
  • # Unset the values inside service metadata fields for this `AccountService`.
  • unset_service_metadata: [Int64Bit]
  • # Whether or not to prorate the transaction.
  • prorate: Boolean
  • # If the amount for this service is zero, it will still display on invoices.
  • display_if_zero: Boolean
  • # Setting this value to `true` will set `price_override` to null.
  • unset_price_override: Boolean
  • # Setting this value to `true` will set `name_override` to null.
  • unset_name_override: Boolean
  • # Setting this value to `true` will set `next_bill_date` to null.
  • unset_next_bill_date: Boolean
  • }

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