The input object that defines the fields for the updateTax mutation.

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • input UpdateTaxMutationInput {
  • # A descriptive name.
  • name: String
  • # The rate for a tax. For a percentage based tax, this is a percentage. For a flat
  • # tax, it is a currency value in the smallest currency unit (e.g. cents, pence,
  • # pesos.)
  • rate: Float
  • # Whether this `Tax` is applied as a percentage of the `Service` charge, or as a
  • # flat rate.
  • application: TaxApplication
  • # Whether this tax is applied based on the account being in a specific geography,
  • # or whether it is applied to all accounts.
  • type: TaxType
  • # A note about this entity.
  • note: NoteMutationInput
  • }

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