This filter type allows you to filter the root entity by a relation. For example, you could search for all Accounts that have an Address with a specific city.

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  • input ReverseRelationFilter {
  • # The relation you wish to apply the reverse relation filter on. Should be a
  • # string that is the exact relation name (e.g. `contacts`, `addresses`,
  • # `account_status`.) You can filter on a deeper relation by using periods to
  • # separate the relation names (e.g. `contacts.phone_numbers`.)
  • relation: String!
  • # Complex search parameters.
  • search: [Search]
  • # Search across all string fields with partial matching.
  • general_search: String
  • # Only include results where this relation is unset.
  • is_empty: Boolean
  • # Every reverse relation filter in the same query that is in the same group will
  • # be treated as an `AND`. Reverse relation filters in other groups will be treated
  • # as an `OR`.
  • group: String
  • }

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