The input object that defines the fields for the createPurchaseOrder mutation.

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • input CreatePurchaseOrderMutationInput {
  • # The ID of a vendor.
  • vendor_id: Int64Bit!
  • # The source of the shipping address for a purchase order.
  • inventory_location_id: Int64Bit!
  • # A unique number identifying an approved purchase order.
  • order_number: Int
  • # The current status of this purchase order.
  • status: PurchaseOrderStatus
  • # The ID of the company that will be used in the header of this purchase order.
  • company_id: Int64Bit!
  • # The order items to attach to a new purchase order.
  • purchase_order_items: [CreatePurchaseOrderOrderItemsMutationInput]
  • # A message to be included on purchase orders when sent to vendors.
  • external_message: String
  • # The ID of an order group related to this purchase order.
  • order_group_id: Int64Bit!
  • # A note about this entity.
  • note: NoteMutationInput
  • }

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