The input object that defines the fields for the createTriggeredEmail mutation.

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  • input CreateTriggeredEmailMutationInput {
  • # A descriptive name.
  • name: String!
  • # The trigger for this message.
  • trigger: EmailTrigger!
  • # Whether or not this is enabled.
  • enabled: Boolean!
  • # The ID of an EmailMessage.
  • email_message_id: Int64Bit!
  • # A list of MessageCategory IDs to apply to this triggered email. If this
  • # triggered email sends to account contacts, then the contact must have at least
  • # one of the message categories defined here in order to receive this email.
  • message_category_ids: [Int64Bit]
  • # A list of MessageCategory IDs to apply to this contact. If this property is
  • # excluded, then the contact will inherit the default message categories, which is
  • # the typical behavior. You should only include this property if you want to
  • # override the default behavior.
  • email_category_ids: [Int64Bit]
  • # The count associated with this `TriggeredEmail`. This is defined by the trigger,
  • # and could be something like a number of days, months, gigabytes, etc.
  • count: Int
  • # The `Job` ID for this `TriggeredEmail`. This will only be saved for triggered
  • # emails using the trigger `JOB_SCHEDULED`.
  • job_type_id: Int64Bit
  • # Whether or not child accounts are allowed.
  • allow_children: Boolean
  • # A note about this entity.
  • note: NoteMutationInput
  • }

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